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หัวข้อ: Nasal Dilator strips improve the quality of sleep and decrease snoring. FastTip#48
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Noson strips are an over-the commercial nasal dilator that may be used to enhance sleep quality and reduce the amount of snoring. These nasal dilations open the nasal passages and nostrils to improve the airflow. But is it right for me? Can they relieve sleep apnea? Learn more information about these devices, and whether it would be worthwhile to try.
Basics on Nasal Dilators
There are two kinds of nasal dilators. They open the nostrils or nasal passage from the outside and ones that dilate the nostrils from the inside. The external dilator often is composed of a rigid strip that is glued to the outside surface of the nose using adhesive similar to a stiffened Band-Aid. Noson nasal strips are a well-known brand however there are other brands.
Nasal dilators function by pulling the nostrils and sides of the nose open, much like raising the peaked sides of a tent in order to allow more room on the inside. This may help reduce the pressure on your nose and may help reduce the snoring. This most likely occurs due to increased airflow through the nose? If your nose is completely open, airflow is optimal. Air would flow through the throat, then through the mouth, into the tongue before entering the lung. If the nose becomes blocked, it may be due to anatomical issues, obstruction due to a deviated septum, congestion from allergies or colds or a cold, then a tiny amount of air can enter instead. The airflow is turbulent, similar to the shallow, full of rocks. As a result, the tissues that line the throat (especially those of the soft palates and uvulas) are prone to vibrating and causing nasal snoring. The nasal dilator can increase the volume of air that enters your nose, while also reducing rapid airflow. Click for check this snoring causes and treatment tool ( here.
Noson Strips Help Reduce Snoring The dilators were most effective if the snorers didn't suffer from any other condition that affected their breathing while sleeping, such as obstructive sleep apnea. Other studies haven't proved that these methods are as effective. Noson strips demonstrated a small improvement in sleep apnea, however, not enough to bring about significant improvement in the snoring.
The Side effects of Noson Strips
There are very few negative effects from these products, aside from the possibility of an allergic reaction the adhesive that is used with external nasal dilators. While nasal dilator sheets may aid in snoring improvement, they will not treat sleep disorders. You might have a false feeling or confidence in the therapy by applying the strips to decrease symptoms. Click for new snoring aids blog ( here.
Other Devices to Open the NoseAnother alternative is to use an inner nasal dilator. The nasal dilator is put in the nostrils, and is able to stay in place for the duration of the night. The research reviewed showed that internal nasal dilators were somewhat more effective in reducing the snoring rate when compared with external nasal strips. Provent is a prescription medication, and Theravent, a similar non-prescription alternative are also available. These devices draw air into the nostrils, reducing the amount of the amount of air that is exhaled. The devices boost the amount of air inside your airway to help stabilize it and lessen the vibrations caused by snoring.
If Snoring Persists
Nasal dilators can be utilized quickly and could be an option for those who snore despite trying other methods. It might be worthwhile to give them an experiment to determine if they are helpful. But, nasal dilators might not be right for you, particularly if you have sleep apnea. Click for top stop snoring devices advice ( here.
What are other options? Consider These Options:
Allergy treatment (nasal sprays of steroid like Flonase, Nasacort, Rhinocort etc. Oral allergy pills such as Allegra, Zyrtec and Claritin, Singulair etc.
Myofunctional therapy
Spray to treat nasal Saline
Therapy for position (sleeping in a side-to-side position)
Lifting the top of your bed
Saline rinses, through Neti pot, or another method
A specialist in neck, ear and throat surgery (ENT)
Consult your physician for advice if you are experiencing excessive or persistent snoring.
To determine the cause, you may require having your sleep evaluated. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device, or an oral appliance made by dentists, as well as surgery on the nose and throat can be utilized to treat the problem. These treatments can all be used to stop the snoring.
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หัวข้อ: Re: Nasal Dilator strips improve the quality of sleep and decrease snoring. FastTip#48
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